Why plan B always works, 95% of the time

I watched The Pursuit of Happiness four score and a couple of days ago and I had mixed feelings. I was expecting an uplifting, go get it done, motivating movie but that’s not what I got. Generally I hate it when this happens but I got something else from Mr. Smith’s hardships. An idea: we spend too much time on plan B. The entire time I was watching the movie I was wondering “why doesn’t Will Smith get a second job so he can pay for an apartment?” What is this dude’s deal? Then I realized he was working on plan A. And screw plan B until plan A flops.

Will Smith puts almost all of his time into becoming a stock broker and guess what it happens. He becomes a stock broker. If he had split his time between stock broking and selling hot dogs before long he’d have moved into the full time weenie business. No I’m not psychic just a damn fine guesser.

Plan A is your passion, it gets you going in the morning, it is the really cool plan and the fun plan. Plan A is the dream. So why would you put so much time, thought, and energy into bitchin Plan B. People do this every day and wonder why plan B has a tendency of working out instead of kick ass plan A.

If plan A doesn’t take up most of your time then it is going to become a hobby, which makes sense because you are treating it that way.


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