Unfindable. Unsearchable. Untraceable.

Do you know what you’re missing? No… probably not and neither do I. With only six degrees of separation (this is a stretch but whatever), finding anything can only be couple people away; I mean someone knows about it. So how hard can it be to find anything and everything great? Hugely difficult hence the huge advertising, publicity, and marketing fields. If something isn’t popular it is almost unfindable. Who is to blame? Introverts. Maybe. But even extroverts only spread their absolutely favorite material; after all they are putting their name on the line when they recommend something. So Google is how we find things, places, material, and everything else.

Google is developing a monopoly here. If your website, blog, product, or whatever isn’t on the first page of Google results for a typical search phrase how do people find you? Through other people… I guess and then how has the internet made everything smaller? Maybe the internet made big things bigger but small things well Google keeps them small because what else can they do?

This is not new. And creative people have seen the opportunity. Stuff has been tried. But each time big gets bigger and underground gets well not much. Digg.com and Stumbleupon.com took different approaches and made great strides but I still think there is tons of great material out there that I don’t know about. It is like the software kids developing in a garage. Companies want to find them. I want to find them. But we both fail unless they succeed on their own. And the worst part is that people have created greatness out there that will be lost because “build it and they will come” is a pipe dream.

Today we need a new kind of talent scout. One that searches for each of us without somehow stripping us of our privacy. Amazon.com already makes suggestions when you go on based on your history but how can the internet do this… how can I find what I’m missing?


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