Selling Yourself with a Radio

When a car salesman advertises that his cars have electric windows, A/C, and a radio, it sets the bar. And I get an image… and it is not pretty. If the best thing that you can say about your cars is that they come with a radio well that’s saying something and it is saying it loud. A radio would be fine if I was buying an iPod (an exciting addition) but when I’m spending thousands of dollars over the course of several years I hope that a radio isn’t the only positive thing he can think of (to be fair there is the A/C and windows).

The kind of the thing I want to hear… reliability, great customer service, built to last, fun to drive, great MPG, really there is a number of things but radio isn’t one of them. Radio isn’t a thousand dollar feature so why are they using it to sell the car?

People make this mistake everyday when selling themselves. Being able to use basic Microsoft Word isn’t worth thousands a year plus benefits plus health insurance. Think about how you are selling yourself. When using a resume or in person or however else it is you are finding employment show your real value. Why are you worth it? Why should you be the one?

Unless you have some special skills with Word don’t include it. This may make your pitch or resume shorter. Great, that way the employer is focused on how you add real value.

If you are a journalist pitch your writing style, your knack for finding interesting topics, or your ability to connect with people. Start selling your real value, that way you don’t have to be found. Many talented people go undiscovered because they don’t sell their real value. So really think before you start including things like Microsoft Word in your sales pitch. It sets the bar.


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