Lumosity: One Week Later

A week ago I set out on a 105 minute journey that claimed would exercise my brain to cerebral greatness or at least in that direction. They assumed that after using their online software for just a week I would be hooked… so hooked that I would pay for a monthly subscription. So I was expecting a lot. If you’ve seen “Good Will Hunting” than you have an idea of what I was expecting.

Well today I finished that journey. And I’m not decoding messages in the news or solving MIT math problems in my spare time… so was it a failure? In a word: No.

According to the program’s built in monitoring system I have made improvements daily in speed, attention, memory, problem solving, and flexibility. But I began to wonder if the program is designed for improvement because I like improvement… and I might even pay for it. So how do I know if I’m just wasting away my money and time?

Well there are testimonials but everything has those. And there are PhDs working on the program but American car companies have at least a couple of those and look where that’s got them. So how do I know this program is doing something other than taking my time and money because there are better ways to waste those.

After going to the gym I can feel the workout later. It happens every time I go. Then after several visits and some more pain, BAM, there is improvement. I get a similar mentally feeling after using Lumosity. The short mini games work a range of skills and afterwards I feel, for lack of a better expression, mentally worked out. Much like I wouldn’t expect a BAM like improvement at the gym in a week I expect it will take at least a month to notice differences in day to day from the training. Although I experienced additional confidence after just a couple sessions as I became more aware of my present abilities.

So they got me. I should have known with a free trial I might be in trouble. I’m going to try out a month of Lumosity and I’ll report back on how I feel about the program after the novelty wears off.


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