Free: The Inviting Killer

Free stuff is rarely free… it is sometimes way over priced. As far as legal tender is concerned, yes it is actually free but in other ways it can be costly. Free has many varieties but the idea of something for nothing never adds up. Free Trial. Free Subscription. Free Product. When I see the word free I start to slowly back away, trying to appear larger than I am (much the same strategy you use when dealing with bears). Because free has gotten me before.

Your time and well being are valuable. And free can steal them. Whether you are watching a free movie while listening to an earth shattering sound system (that is for sale) or signing up for a free store card to get 20% of your purchase free, there is a cost.

Make sure before trying anything that you are willing and able to purchase it if you want it. Don’t test drive a $200,000 car. It will handle better than your $20,000 bucket but you can’t afford it. If you can’t afford that kind of speed and you get a taste for it life gets worse, all for free.

Don’t sign up for cards you don’t want. Free can be very enticing here but it is the forbidden fruit. The initial discount seems great and you can always cancel, right? Yes but canceling is death, for them and for you. It is often time consuming and frustrating and has to be done during certain business hours if you want to talk to a person and you will want to. But you are only given this option after answering to a machine. The machine has no lingua franca. Computers don’t like to be talked to. (on most of these services if you say nothing regardless of the question the machine is programmed to connect you to a person, after repeating something like “sorry I didn’t get that could you say that again”…. No I don’t want to)

Free is dangerous and it is everywhere prepare yourself.


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