Finally Nothing to Lose

As the economy continues to tighten people are becoming anxious for ways to stay ahead of the curve (or to stay in the curve). Whether you are employed or self employed the pie is getting smaller. Whether you are rich and own the pie or just worried about getting your monthly slice it is diminishing. In these bearish times only the uniquely specialized and creative can win.

Specialized people have high job security. If you are the go to guy that is not going to change with a down economy.  As long as the industry your in does not die status quo need never change. But what if you are not highly specialized? Well life can get a lot more exciting.

You can become uniquely creative because you are finally forced to.

  • Creative in the skills that you acquire.
  • Creative in the way you apply your skills.
  • Creative in the way you engage the market.

I was only creative enough to come up with three there are many more. The point is you need to differentiate yourself or your company. You need to be different. This is true if you want to be the best. And this is true if you want to want keep your lunch. Sometimes life reminds you of Econ 101 and no free lunch becomes pretty clear when you lose yours.

The idea of being creative in a down turn is everywhere. It is not new. There are many books written on the topic. The problem is creativity isn’t enough, not in business.

Creativity in art is enough. If you make something truly unique you will inspire people with your imagination. But not in business. There are plenty of creative business ideas but they aren’t inspirational. Investors lose sleep over deciding which ideas are creative in a way the market will embrace. Do people want to put pictures online and have short delayed conversations? Yes, Facebook. Do people want to ……….? No, the ……….. is because you’ve never heard of it. The idea didn’t stick.

So how can you make sure that you are being the right kind of creative? Passion. It is the single most important factor in success. If you are passionate about a new creative idea then you can make it work because you are steadfast in your support of your idea. You can work harder, longer, and smarter when you driven by passion. It even helps with sales. Just make sure your dream is big enough then work to find the part that fits the here and now and run with it.

The down economy may just be your chance to be what you want to be. And you may find that the economy wanted to support you all along just not at what you where average at.


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