MetroNaps- Nearly a Dollar a Minute

Since I graduated kindergarten, probably somewhere in the middle of my class, I have given up nap time. I wasn’t especially good at taking naps then and I guess somethings don’t change. But recently I feel like I’ve been missing out. Maybe I can find some untapped after lunch potential with a power nap, a brief period of doing nothing. The National Institute of Mental Health conducted studies that concluded that a midday nap could reverse information overload… I’m liking the sound of this. A professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine concluded that the nap could improve some memory functions… So I’m thinking this is pretty great, got to get on this.

Unfortunately this longing to engage in napping has been an uphill battle for me. I wear contacts so extended periods of shut eye often don’t leave me refreshed. And I often feel like I’ve been cheated from a real period of sleep after one of these power naps. But the worst part is if your not refreshed with memory boosted when you awake from your slumber you’ve just extended your work day to include the work you would have gotten done during your period of mental absence.

So hard as I have tried embrace this napping movement I can not recommend it. I have tried naps ranging from 10min to 90min and generally the longer the worse off I’ve been upon return to reality.

But there is something new, created by MetroNaps, that just might help me win this struggle. A napping pod. What is a napping pod well its basically a cross between a small spa environment and a lounger chair. What lets you know that it is awesome? It costs 7,950 dollars and features no locomotion feature. Before I send out for one of these I need to find my way to the 24th floor of the Empire State Building where I can take a 20min sojourn for 14 dollars (at nearly a dollar a minute I hope it has an international calling feature in case I’m sleepless in NY).

But until further testing I have to recommend that you sleep at night when you don’t even need special dimming features (very eco friendly).


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