3 Steps to Overnight Improvement

Painting like Picasso, playing like Tiger, and investing like Warren all take similar amounts of time. According to Malcolm Galdwell (writer of Outliers) 10,000 hours of time (so make sure your gene pool is long lived before setting out for this kind of greatness). But really this isn’t that much time if you count all of the time spent aspiring to unleash your inner Rainmaker (which I do). How would this count? Two Words: Mental Game

But I like results, immediate results. I’m not alone society wants  instant gratification too.

So here are 3 ways to be better right now.

  • Use a Good Handshake and Use it Often
  • Smile More Often
  • Don’t Talk/Text/Whatever Else Your Phone Does When with Others

Yes these are simple, most important things in life are. But if you start using these techniques I believe you can cut off at least 100 of those 10,000 hours on your path to greatness. I think even Warren would think that’s a decent investment but who knows his time management skills might suck.


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