Google Principle

You can’t remember very much data but don’t worry about neither can I or for that matter most of the human race in general. In fact the amount of data you can remember over a lifetime is less than your computer can and probably even less than your cell phone can… think about it how many of your friend’s numbers you can remember. My phone can remember a 1000 contacts each with multiple numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and even a picture and that doesn’t scratch the surface of its data storage capabilities it does a lot of other crap I never use.

So damn it… should I practice with some kind of memory program everyday? No, you should just except that you will not remember much of the mass of data you are exposed to on even a daily basis. Solution: learn to remember the important things and forget the rest.

Recently on a trip to Barnes and Noble I saw a book about a man who read the entire Britannica Encyclopedia series in an effort to become a master of knowledge or something like that. I’m guessing this was a very agonizing process and that he is not in fact a fountain of knowledge but probably just a less interesting person than he was before because of the hermit nature of encyclopedia enthusiast.

Even if he did succeed how valuable is this large random body of information? Minimal. Unless… and this is very import, you are going on some information game show because then random crap maybe worth up to a million.

In today’s world where you have unlimited life lines, you can open Google and within a couple minutes become knowledgeable in whatever. What does this mean? Don’t spend your time on rote memorization you are not built to store large amounts of data that is what your computer is for.


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