Golden Economy

The world economy is falling and the X generation or whatever the current generation is called is screwed. If you watch the news, read a newspaper, or talk to other humans than you likely are bordering on a Prozac deficiency or at the very least developing bipolar tendencies due to  current market conditions. Unless you are an MIT grad with a dual major in Petroleum Engineering/Eco-energy development than you are S.O.L. for finding a job.

While being the for-mentioned MIT grad is ideal there is at least one other opinion to avoid searching through the trash of the rich, wasteful aristocrats. Be a game changer. Currently people everywhere are looking for jobs. People are looking for projects. People are looking for anything worth while. This is the time to start a business, start a non-profit, or start a cause. People are receptive right now like they haven’t been in years. When peoples lives are on track it is difficult to get people to take on new ideas and projects but when things are haphazard it is much easier. Politicians have been using this strategy for a while (the Shock Doctrine explains the principle with regard to politics). This is a golden time for entrepreneurs, thinkers, self-starters, and leaders. Use it.


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